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If anybody thinks Cesar Millan is cruel to dogs, try taking care of a pack of four dogs. You HAVE to be assertive.
There is a difference between being dominant and being cruel.

kicking and slapping and electrocuting and

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"Hey MTV, welcome to my crib"

"Hey MTV, welcome to my crib"

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Saw someone mistreat their service dog yesterday. He looked defeated. He looked broken. He wasn’t even misbehaving.

I hate how this can happen. If you have a service dog, treat them with respect. Dogs have feelings too, they’re not your robot.

Fucking asswipe.

If there was an organization on the vest, report it! Most reputable organizations will take a dog back if it’s been mistreated.


I’m getting the opportunity to train and possibly raise a service dog for a veteran, and I don’t think there could be a better feeling in the world knowing I’m making a positive impact on another person’s life. So excited for this awesome experience. Eeee

socaptivatedbyyou Do you do to Texas A&M??


Not being able to pet services dogs in training on campus is a struggle I have daily. 

If the puppy raiser isn’t in a rush, they may actually appreciate you asking to pet them! It is good training for the puppies, as well as the raisers (speaking to strangers is a good skill to have!). We love our puppies (most of the time) and love to talk about them. 

"mom won’t let me roll in the sand I might as well just die"

"mom won’t let me roll in the sand I might as well just die"

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my university has a program where students socialize dogs that will be used as service dogs so like you bring this dog everywhere you go like to class to the store EVERYWHERE and i want to be in this program so bad!!!! i dont know how to do it though and i dont know if they’d let me because I already have pets of my own BUT THIS IS MY DREAM JOB I WANNA DO THIS FOREVER

At my university, the raisers are picked (in both organizations) on their knowledge of dogs (which the organization should teach you about if you don’t know), not necessarily whether or not they have pets. It may be different with your college’s organization, but if they have policies against it there are other organizations who will accept you!

btw puppy raising is pretty great (although raising two at a time is not for everyone…) and you should definitely look into it! (:



I’m getting ready to sign bandit up for classes but I’m having a bit of a dilemma. The end goal is to get bandit his CGC (canine good citizen) which is a testament to good manners and training. His AKC name would then be “Starswift FV Time Bandit CGC” and basically this would be the first stepping stone towards eventual task training for service dog work.

So here’s the dilemma. ARF (animal rescue foundation) has manners classes, 6 weeks for $150. ARF is walking distance— about a 20 minute walk from my house. However, the manners class goes over sit, down, stay, and loose leash walking— these are all things that bandit is already getting pretty good at, and the CGC test requires a bit more than that (greeting strangers, holding a down stay for 3 minutes while I’m out of sight, ignoring distractions etc).

Meanwhile The Zoom Room is another dog training facility that has a 3 tier obedience schedule that ends with a CGC test. The training is geared towards passing the CGC. Each tier is 5 weeks and $175, and we wouldn’t do the test until the end of Obedience 3. However The Zoom Room is about a 50 minute walk from my house (2.5 miles) and I worry that Bandit would be too exhausted by the time we get there. Ideally, this is where we would do our training but I’m not sure it’s an option. Even if we could walk it one way, I doubt he would put up with 2.5 miles back home. We usually walk 1.5 miles a day and then he sleeps for 12 hours.

Frank is now working almost constantly so unless I can find someone to give us a ride, I’m not sure what to do. Advice please?

A class isn’t entirely necessary for a CGC test, you could work on the training on your own (it’s pretty simple stuff, especially for a service dog) then only go in for the test (if you’re capable of it - I don’t know what limitations you have with your disability). If you’re unsure of your ability to teach that on your own, I would talk with the trainer at the closer place and see how flexible she is in the syllabus. It’s possible they may be able to alter the syllabus for your dog, that way you don’t have to walk as far (or pay as much). 

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How to know if you’re a crazy dog trainer: when you get soap in your eyes but the dog tries to “assist” you, getting the soap out loses priority, and rewarding the assisting becomes your focus (even though you’re blind and almost crying). 

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gypsycowgirl High-five! Making the world a better place, one dog at a time!

littlegraytiger Thank you! C:

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Here’s a nice little summary of a peer-reviewed study done about e-collars vs. reward based training. The full study is located at the bottom of the article, in the references.

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Ready for the football season!

Ready for the football season!

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I’m starting a CGC class tonight and I’m making my own syllabus, I feel like such a teacher. Hopefully it goes well?

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foods dangerous to dogs:

  1. avocadoes
  2. alcohol
  3. raw bread dough
  4. caffeine
  5. chocolate
  6. grapes and raisins
  7. onions and garlic
  8. macadamia nuts
  9. raw salmon
  10. xylitol (artificial sweeteners)

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I’m supposed to decide on a topic for my research paper (like 15-20 pages), but I can’t find anything that is both interesting and has enough studies done about it. ._.

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