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I’m familiar with pinchcollar prongs but what is THIS?
The little spikes on it are sharpened like nails, they’re in stock at my petsmart and general supply stores, so they’re definitely being used by someone.

Looks like pinch collars trying to masquerade as flat collars to be “morally acceptable”. I’ve seen lots of pinch collars with fabric/nylon outsides, and this looks like a pretty similar concept.

If you have to hide the fact you’re using a pinch collar, maybe you should just rethink the decision to use a pinch collar at all.


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I’m getting a dog to train as a psychiatric service dog, but my family won’t help me cover the costs. At all. I have a job but it’s only part time and I have to take shifts where I can get them. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! If you can’t donate please please signal boost?

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How do you train the on-duty/off-duty thing?


I say “work” when vest goes on and “break” when he’s allowed to go running off, and he certainly knows that “break” means “get hyper and bounce around” but he’s still not getting that “work” means…don’t do that. Like the second I say “break”, 90% guaranteed he’ll sprint away and start play bowing. But he does that when “working” too, sometimes. There’s not a sure distinction.

Anyone have any tips? He’s pretty good, really he is, and maybe I just need to keep doing more of the same, but he ain’t perfect and I feel like he should be or it means I’m the worst.

He’ll get it with practice, although you could put him in short, fake working situations kind of like how you’d teach a stay - so put on the vest, “work” for a few minutes (walk around, do commands, or do whatever you do at work), then let him free and gradually increase the time he has to “work”. Teaching commands where they don’t do something is a bit more difficult than teaching them commands where they do do something (which is why he understands “break” but not “work”).

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I just read over Sherlock’s discharge papers and apparently they found a “grade III/IV” heart murmur. Seriously? Seriously? What did I do to deserve such absolutely terrible luck with my animals? 

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Bruce is still coughing/dry heaving, and puking up what looks like bile. He can keep his food down but mostly refuses to drink water. He also lays down kind of hunched over. So I guess we’re going to the vet. Again. The vet is just part of the family now I guess.

My computer also keep crashing, which now means that pretty much everything important to me is now broken- both dogs, phone, computer, and car. I may have to skip summer school in order to pay for all of this.

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Bruce chewed up a rubber toy yesterday then puked it back up, but he’s been coughing ever since and puked three minor times so far in the past three hours. Pet ownership is so fun you guys. The amount of shit I’ve dealt with in the past week is unreal.

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Ideally, I would have left Sherlock overnight and let the neurology people look him over in the morning, but that would have been around $700 and that’s just not possible with the amount of money I’ve had to spend this week alone. :(

Good news is he didn’t have another seizure. But when he does I’ll likely run full bloodwork ($200), and it’s pretty likely that will turn up blank (again) and I’d very much like an mri scan (like $2000). 

Does anyone know of pretty good pet insurance that will cover pre-existing conditions?

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Sherlock had a seizure and now we are at the emergency vet. I also dropped my phone here and the screen is incredibly shattered. I’m having a lot of difficulty reading what I’m typing. This week has not been good for me.

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Hey so here’s a nifty fact for you: aversive tools have no place in dog training.

Here’s another nifty fact: even if the dog is aggressive.

One more: especially if the dog is aggressive.

Bruce is in a lot of pain, and he’s skipped classes two days in a row so far. :( We’ve got more Tramadol, but what I really want is to just figure out what is wrong with him.

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-2/5 stars, don’t bring your dog to my boyfriend to get groomed.

-2/5 stars, don’t bring your dog to my boyfriend to get groomed.

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I want another puppyyyyyy. Send me puppies. Lots of puppies.

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Bruce went to his first movie last night! We went to see Divergent, and he did very well even with the attacking dog scene. He watched most of the trailers, and a little of the movie, but mostly slept the whole time.

I realized I’d been putting it off and pretending he wasn’t ready because I was scared something would go wrong somehow, but like always I was proven wrong and he’s a beautifully behaved dog even though all I can see is that wiggly little whiney puppy that I picked up at the airport. 

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